breezy fasano

Hey there! My name is Breezy (she/they). I’m a front end software engineer, co-founder of the Chicago Craft Club, and a geeky & curious human located in Chicago, IL.

In my spare time I love to partake in my many hobbies, hang out with my cats (Momo & Noodle), drink coffee, and eat tasty food.

Art of Breezy Fasano at their desk, with their 2 cats: Momo, a brown tabby and Noodle, an orange tabby.
a girl online, webmaster, community organizer, and hobby hobbyist. ✿

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My Personal Site & Jekyll

Nov 19th 2018

Note as of May 2023: I wrote this post wayyy back when my personal site was powered by Jekyll. But this is still worth checking out if you're interested in Jekyll site creation :)