A 'Uses' page is a list of software, gear, and other tools software engineers use in their daily life.

Concept coined by Wes Bos. Check out other uses pages at

this site

  • NextJS - framework this site is built on
  • Sanity - my fav content management system at the moment
  • Netlify - site hosting & CI/CD
  • API - displaying my last played track

dev env

Editor Plugins

Command Line

  • Fig - autocomplete on the CLI + much more
  • Starship - add useful information to your terminal + more
  • Dracula - hehe same theme again :)

my desk



  • Figma - the UI design tool I use for everything
  • FigJam - whiteboarding, planning, working out code probs
  • Krisp - AI powered microphone background noise reduction

macOS Extensions

  • Raycast - spotlight search but supercharged ⚡️
  • Homebrew - application & package manager for macOS
  • Rectangle - quickly auto-arrange mac windows
  • Clocker - keep track of different timezones


  • Sunsama - a task manager i love so much, i pay for it. alllllll the integrations
  • Notion - my second brain, my project tracker, everything to me
  • Spotify - no music, no worky

clacks & caffeine

Coffee Setup


  • Dimple 40% - my favorite. DSA witch girl keycaps, gazzew u4 silent tactile switches
  • Tofu 60% - DZ60 pcb, 62g zilent switches, KAM soaring skies keycaps (designed by my wonderful partner 💖)
  • Portico 65%, Magic Girl edition - DSA magic girl keycaps & gateron oil kings switches
  • GMMK PRO TKL (White) - KAT milkshake, sp-star marble soda linear switches